Failure creating changeset on the same branch in multiple batch changes


Currently, users experience issues creating changesets on the same branch in multiple branch changes, the issue persists even if the branch is deleted later as the branch information is stored in the database which is used on changeset creation.


Error messages encountered

Failed to run operations on changeset

Cannot create changeset on the same branch in multiple batch changes.



Branch names are currently reserved once a changeset has been published to it. That still holds if the branch was removed on upstream, and since we never clean up detached changesets, it is locked forever. This caused issues when users tried to use the branch name for multiple batch changes.



Sourcegraph is working on fixing this in the product via this GitHub issue.

While we are working on fixing the root cause in the product, the current workaround to overcome this issue is to rename the branch name in batch change which creates a new branch and allows changeset creation.



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