Troubleshooting sg.nvim Installation Issues in Neovim for Cody


Using sg.nvim in Neovim to integrate Sourcegraph can be incredibly useful for code exploration and collaboration. However, you may encounter issues during the installation process. This troubleshooting guide aims to address common problems and provide solutions to ensure a smooth setup.

Problem 1: Auth Strategy Error

  • Error Message: "Error No valid auth strategy detected. Unable to check sg versions."
  • Possible Causes: Incomplete or incorrect authentication setup.
  • Solution: Ensure that you've logged in to Sourcegraph using :SourcegraphLogin and provided a valid access token.

Problem 2: Mismatched Cargo Version

  • Error Message: "Mismatched cargo and expected version. Update using :sourcegraphDownloadBinaries."
  • Possible Causes: An issue occurred during the binary download process.
  • Solution: Delete the sg binary and run :SourcegraphDownloadBinaries again to re-download a fresh binary.

Problem 3: Build Error

  • Error Message: "Error while creating lua chunk: cannot open /Users/xxx.local/share/nvim/plugged/sg.nvim/after/build/init.lua: No such file or directory."
  • Possible Causes: Incorrect installation or missing dependencies.
  • Solution:
    • Uninstall sg.nvim entirely (remove from plugin manager config and delete the plugin folder).
    • Reinstall sg.nvim and its dependencies, such as plenary.nvim.
    • Run :SourcegraphLogin to provide your access token.
    • Run :SourcegraphDownloadBinaries to install the sg binary.
    • Restart Neovim.
    • Run :checkhealth sg to verify the installation.

Troubleshooting installation issues with sg.nvim in Neovim can be a straightforward process if you know how to address common problems. Following the steps in this guide, you should be able to resolve the issues and enjoy the benefits of Sourcegraph integration with your Neovim setup. Happy coding and exploring!

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