Troubleshooting the Sourcegraph for VSCode extension

Users might occasionally face issues when trying to utilize the Sourcegraph for VSCode extension, whether it's non-responsive behavior, missing features, or unexpected results.


The VSCode Search extension is not functioning as expected or is presenting issues during use.


  1. Ensure you have the latest version of the extension:

    • Open the terminal  and run the following command to check the version:
      code --list-extensions --show-versions | grep sourcegraph
  2. Adjust the log level for more detailed logs:

    • Open the VSCode command palette using cmd+shift+p.
    • Search for "Developer: Set Log Level" and set it to "debug".

  3. Examine the DevTools console for potential errors:

    • On the menu bar, navigate to Help > Toggle Developer Tools > Console to access the DevTools console.

  4. Review logs for Sourcegraph:

    • On the menu bar, navigate to View > Output to open the Output Window
    • Select Sourcegraph from the Dropdown on the Output Toolbar.

  5. Review logs for specific VSCode services:

    • Access the command palette and search for "Developer: Show Logs".
    • Review logs for the following services: Main, Window, Extension Host, and Remote Tunnel Service.

Solution/Workaround After following the troubleshooting steps, users can identify potential issues causing malfunctioning behavior in the Sourcegraph extension. Depending on the identified problem, they may need to:

  • Update the extension to the latest version if not updated.
  • Address specific errors shown in the logs.
  • Report unresolvable issues to Support for further assistance.

Additional info

  • Users should regularly check for updates to extensions to avoid running into known issues that have been addressed in newer versions.
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