Batch changes failure due to mount issue with colima



You are using sourcegraph with colima instead of docker desktop and get an error like below while executing batch changes


Creating workspace: preparing local git repo: preparing workspace: Docker output:

 docker: Error response from daemon: invalid mount config for type "bind": bind source path does not exist: /tmp/src-run-1234.

   See 'docker run --help'.: exit status 125

 Log: /tmp/

This is due to how Colima mounts temp directory which doesn’t work with batch changes.



To fix this:

1) Shell into the system you are running batch changes using src and set src_batch_tmp_dir to point to tmp directory for Colima


user$ export SRC_BATCH_TMP_DIR=/tmp/colima/batchchange

2) Run the batch changes again with parameter -“cache” passing SRC_BATCH_TMP_DIR like below


user$ src batch preview -f test.yaml - cache $SRC_BATCH_TMP_DIR

This should fix the mount issue and batch changes should run fine from the command line using src.

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