Troubleshooting and fixing a failed App binary install


If you are seeing the following in the log output:

The target schema is marked as dirty and no other migration operation is seen running 
on this schema. The last migration operation over this schema has failed
(or, at least, the migrator instance issuing that migration has died).
Please contact for further assistance.

You could have a corrupted database that will block the App instance from running.


To fix this:

1. Stop/kill the running instance of Sourcegraph App. This can be done by quitting the terminal.
2. Remove all Sourcegraph data by running:

In MacOS

rm -rf $HOME/.sourcegraph-psql
rm -rf $HOME/Library/Application\ Support/sourcegraph-sp
rm -rf $HOME/Library/Caches/sourcegraph-sp


In Linux

rm -rf $HOME/.sourcegraph-psql
rm -rf $XDG_CACHE_HOME/sourcegraph-sp
rm -rf $XDG_CONFIG_HOME/sourcegraph-sp
rm -rf $HOME/.cache/sourcegraph-sp
rm -rf $HOME/.config/sourcegraph-sp


3. Re-install App using the binary package downloaded earlier.



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