Decoding SCIP index file


You have an index.scip file that for some reason cannot be uploaded or have suspicions that it might be corrupted.


An index.scip file cannot be easily read via an editor or even using utilities like cat.


We will use protoc binary to read and decode the file.

  1. Install protoc binary
    brew install protobuf
  2. Get the scip protobuf file and save it in the root directory where the index.scip file is stored. (Download here)
  3. Run the following:
    cat index.scip | protoc --decode=scip.Index scip.proto

This will give the main index that was created. It might be very long and can be better read by writing to a file or using less to read it better:

cat index.scip | protoc --decode=scip.Index scip.proto &> foo.txt


cat index.scip | protoc --decode=scip.Index scip.proto | less


Some interesting stuff there are things like the metadata object:

metadata {
tool_info {
name: "scip-typescript"
version: "0.3.7"
project_root: "file:///Users/enrique/git/webdriverio"
text_document_encoding: UTF8
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