Archived and forked repositories included in search results even when excluded

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Problem reported

Search results don't exclude/hide results like forks or archived repo for GitLab repos. 

Archived results are not relevant to most searches, alerts and insights.


Possible scenarios


1. How is the code host configuration set up? Check for specific cues in configuration like projectQuery and repositoryQuery(if GitHub).

2. Is it a user-permission issue based on their token? Also, is it tied to how archived projects are defined? To confirm, run

curl -H 'Private-Token: '<$token>' -X GET 'https://<GITLAB_HOSTNAME>/api/v4/projects?membership=true&archived=false'

curl -H 'Private-Token: '<$token>' -X GET 'https://<GITLAB_HOSTNAME>/api/v4/projects?membership=true&archived=true'

curl -H 'Private-Token: '<$token>' -X GET 'https://<GITLAB_HOSTNAME>/api/v4/projects?membership=true&archived=yes' 


curl -H 'Private-Token: '<$token>' -X GET 'https://<GITLAB_HOSTNAME>/api/v4/projects?membership=true&archived=no'

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